A long Journey in the Tradition

Lucchi and Guastalli was born from the passion for olives and Italian Extra Vergin oil of the founders, who give their names to the comapny. 
It is the first company in Liguria to boast the Protected Origin Riviera Ligure Denomination , – the Riviera Ligure Dop Olive Oil – to which it is linked by the ancient tradition and of which it is active supporter.

The company aims to create unique products through the use of techniques with low environmental impact.
In the company are carried out cultural and training activies on olive oil, training courses for tasters, guided visits to the olive groves and the production plant, conducted by Marco Lucchi, Doctor Agronomist, expert taster and panel leader of the tasting committee APOL of Genoa.

Customer reviews

Number one for the area, produces excellent oil of the highest quality
Gian Luca Blasoni

I never went to get the oil myself, but I have it brought home... Really excellent Beatrix Erszèbet Salati

Cold processing of olives accuracy and environmental protection, fantastic oil
Giuseppe Landini

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Lucchi e Guastalli srl

Capitale sociale: 120.000 EUR
CF/Partita IVA: IT01136750112
Registration No. SP 103726
Tel. 0187 633329
Fax 0187 696399
Mobile 24/24h +39 333 8520734

How to reach us

Via Vincinella 13/6
S. Stefano Magra (SP) 19037

lunedì/venerdì: 8:30-17:00
sabato: 8:30-12:30

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