The Lucchi e Guastalli oil mill uses a modern two-phase water-saving continuous system.

It is the first oil mill in Liguria that does not produce waste from its production cycle.

Clean and renewable energy is obtained from the residual biomass: the wood seeds are recovered as an ecological fuel for heating the water used in the company, while the pomace is used for the production of electricity at the biogas production plants.

In the first phase, the olives are cleaned of their leaves, which can give the oil defects and a bitter taste. The next step in the washing machine eliminates dirt, dust and other small residues of leaves and twigs. The washing takes place in two successive phases: first the olives fall into a tub with air jets, the “mumbling“, then they are subjected to a rinsing shower, which also ensures the continuous replacement of the washing machine water.

Then the olives are transferred to the crusher. Ours is a double-grid hammer crusher: the olives are therefore broken in two stages, with grids and hammers that rotate with a low difference in revolutions between them, to avoid overheating which would lead to oxidation.

The olive paste produced by the crusher is transferred to the kneading machines. The extraction of the oil from the cells of the olives takes place precisely in this phase: the slow movement of the kneaders lasts from 30 to 35 minutes. At this stage, the paste is made up of water, oil and seeds (the “hazelnut”), the latter facilitating the escape of the oil, accentuating the rubbing. The micro drops slowly come into contact with each other, forming larger drops.

The malaxers are closed to avoid excessive oxidation. It is in this phase that cold extraction is defined, the pasta in fact never exceeds the temperature of 27 ° C to keep its characteristics intact.

At this point the paste is transferred to the Decanter, where centrifugal extraction takes place, obtained without dilution with water so as to preserve the antioxidant and aromatic substances contained in the oil to the maximum.

Unlike other types of processing, which add water to separate the oil, affecting the quality of the oil, in our oil mill no external water is added, while the water and pomace of the olive are left together giving as the result is a wet pomace, a plant biomass that can be recovered for energy purposes.

At the exit of the centrifuge, a rather cloudy crude oil is obtained which is transferred to the Separator, a vertical centrifuge that separates the last residual water from the olive oil, thanks to the different affinity with the surface of the steel. The residual water is added to the pomace cycle, and therefore also contributes to forming the biomass.

The oil thus obtained is ready to be consumed.

We are proud to affirm, without any doubt, that ours is truly and profoundly an “ECOLOGICAL MILL”.

Premio Levi 2019
Lucchi & Guastalli vince il Premio Leivi 2019 con la Razzola olio DOP Riviera Ligure-Riviera di Levante​
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