This line includes different types of oils, conventional or organic, of high quality Italian varieties, enhanced either as monovarietal or as unpublished olive trees, made by Marco Lucchi with the aim of combining the different varieties in the right proportion to provide suitable original products to different uses. They are oils made by their nature in limited quantities, shown on the label together with the list of varieties used.

[:it]Olio Extra vergine di oliva DOP[:]

Golden yellow in color with green reflections, light fruity nose mainly ripe, with hints of artichoke and aftertaste of almond, apple and aromatic herbs. Bitter and spicy are in great balance, contained and harmonious.

It has a light green fruitiness, with a prevalent sweet sensation and an aftertaste of almond and medicinal herbs. Bitter and spicy are definitely light.

Golden yellow in color with green reflections, the nose is rich in vegetal notes of artichoke, lettuce and balsamic hints of rosemary and medicinal herbs. The taste is broad and complex, with tones of artichoke, almond and vanilla. Bitter and spicy are in great balance, contained and harmonious.

It is immediately recognizable for its delicate ripe fruitiness, characterized by a distinct sweet sensation and the typical aftertaste of fresh almond.

The organic processing in the mill takes place according to separate calendars and procedures, in order to ensure the absence of contamination and respect for the environment. The crusher operates with the maximum saving of water and withoutproduzione di rifiuti oleari, avviando le biomasse residue al recupero energetico. 

It is characterized by medium fruity, herbaceous taste and an artichoke aftertaste. It is particularly suitable for white and red meats, seafood and land salads.

It is characterized by a light fruity, herbaceous taste and aftertaste of tomato, apple and green almond.

It is suitable for boiled and baked fish, seafood salads, legume and cereal soups, white meats, shellfish